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Production efficiency

Key success factors, or how to increase efficiency in the automotive industry

06 December 2022

Among the most important success factors in the automotive sector today are ecology and innovation. Effective management is also important – here are some key tips related to the manufacture of cars and vehicle components.

How to improve product quality in the automotive industry? 

This is a topic that can be approached in many ways. A lot will depend on the individual situation of a given company, as well as on the business profile or characteristics of the target group. At the same time, it is worth noting that quite a number of problems affect both small businesses and huge global corporations. Market experts are constantly working on methods to optimize production, which would at the same time guarantee the appropriate quality – let us get acquainted with some aspects that regularly appear among various tips. 

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Culture of quality 

In car manufacturing, the first thing to do is to develop a solid culture of quality. Mistakes, the emergence of problems and inconveniences are an inherent part of the operation of any plant, but unfortunately, for fear of later consequences, many employees are afraid to talk about them and clearly point them out. This, in turn, significantly slows down and sometimes even makes it impossible to eliminate the problems. Those responsible for managing production should therefore ensure that any suggestions for improvement are taken into account, and that the work culture at the plant encourages the sharing of insights. Such actions will result in improved productivity and production quality. 

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Cooperation with suppliers 

Proper cooperation between automotive suppliers and manufacturers is another key factor in successful production. Several models for such partnerships can be distinguished – in some cases, a single manufacturer sources parts from multiple suppliers, while in others it is a specific supplier that handles different brands. In order to ensure the best possible efficiency and quality of cooperation regardless of the exact course, it is worth ensuring that both parties are familiar with the inner workings of each process. 

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Using the state-of-the-art technologies 

The use of innovative solutions in the global supply chain is an absolute must. Without modern technology, there is no chance to understand the processes and situation in a plant that may even be located on a different continent. The use of the cloud, mobile applications and many other advanced systems is an opportunity for companies to maintain consistency and the ability to enter data from anywhere in the world. 

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Access to all information 

This is one of the most important factors for success. Manufacturers should have visibility into all operations, including supplier activities. One solution that will make this task much easier is the use of cloud-based systems. 

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Intelligent data analysis 

Various manufacturing processes generate considerable amounts of data that can be used to increase the efficiency of the entire enterprise, as well as to identify and eliminate potential problems. For this purpose, advanced analysis software should be employed, allowing you to find dependencies that are invisible at the first glance, as well as areas for improvement. 

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Limiting warranty claims 

Smart data analysis can also be used to reduce warranty claims and recalls. Through such processes, it is relatively easy to clearly identify when, where and how defective parts were produced. If the source of the problem is identified on the entrepreneur's side, appropriate steps can be put in place to prevent similar situations in the future. 

Green car manufacturing as a success factor in automotive industry 

The success of manufacturers in the automotive industry also depends to a large extent on whether the products offered are in line with current trends, requirements and expectations on the part of customers. 

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The best example here are the environmental standards, which have become increasingly important in recent years. The automotive industry must be prepared for the long-term challenge of minimizing the automotive industry's environmental impact. This includes changing propulsion technologies, reducing the consumption of individual raw materials and lower greenhouse gas emissions. It's worth noting that it's not just the reduction of transportation's effects on the environment that counts – green car manufacturing is an equally important issue. 

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Knauf Automotive – a trusted supplier of components for the automotive industry 

Knauf Automotive is a reliable supplier of parts for the automotive industry. We have a vast amount of experience and access to state-of-the-art technologies. Above all, we focus on innovative, lightweight and environmentally friendly automotive components that are characterized by top-quality workmanship as well as environmental neutrality. 

One of our priorities is to reduce the climate impact of our production for the automotive industry. This is a worldwide mission, and Knauf Automotive is making an ongoing contribution to it. A significant step in this regard is our use of environmentally friendly materials, such as EPP foams, which are used to manufacture door panels, seat panels, head restraints, trunk equipment and battery packs, among others. We invite you to learn more about our entire range and other environmentally friendly materials that we use in the production of individual items.

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