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Foam molding technology

Foam molding technology and solutions for Automotive

The foam molding process is a technology that plays a vital role in automotive manufacturing. Learn more about what Knauf Industries offers and the opportunities associated with this process.

How does foam molding work?

Foam molding is a technological process that creates components by injecting foam under low pressure into a mold. Injected material (beads) contains blowing agent. Thus, when injected into the mold and heated, the gas activates expansion which fills periphery of the mold. Thus, when injected into the mold, the gas or selected substance pushes the foam to the periphery of the mold. As the manufactured component cools down, the foam element takes on its desired properties – it becomes strong while remaining lightweight.

The best performing materials used in this process are primarily foams made from two compounds:

  • EPP foam – made of expanded polypropylene,
  • EPS foam – expanded polystyrene.

Foamed plastics molding

To produce components in the automotive industry, the molding technology uses:

  • expanded polypropylene (EPP)
  • expanded polystyrene (EPS)
  • foams with special properties
Plastics Injection Molding Technology

Molded foam replaces components:

  • made of other plastics, heavier and less durable
  • made of metal

Foamed plastic molding in the automotive industry - advantages:

  • low weight of foam elements, thus reducing the weight of the vehicle
  • ease of forming complex shapes
  • production speed
  • precision of manufacturing and repeatability of elements
  • durability of parts
  • passenger safety

One of the advantages that foam molding has is that the process is fast.
Combined with properties that support the use of this type of component in vehicles, it is a very cost-effective choice for companies in the automotive industry.

Why should you consider foam molding? The most popular applications

Foam molding offers numerous advantages for companies involved in vehicle manufacturing and outfitting, as well as for companies in other industries. Today, foam parts are increasingly replacing parts traditionally made of metal or other plastics. One of the benefits is the lower weight of the material itself, which translates to a reduction in the total weight of the vehicle and thus greater energy savings.

Foam molding also provides more possibilities in terms of product design. Using the foam molding process, it is possible to create custom-shaped parts and efficiently combine smaller parts into a complete component.

This manufacturing process also helps save raw materials compared to other methods of creating automotive components. It is also worth noting that this type of technology works perfectly due to the high durability of the parts made. Thanks to the foam molding method of manufacturing automotive equipment, it is also possible to increase the safety of drivers and passengers.

Knauf Industries: wide range of services related to foam molding technology

Plastics processing is the core business of Knauf Industries. The company specializes in the innovative technology of foam molding, among other things. Knauf has many years of experience in plastics processing – including the molding of EPP foam parts. Companies involved in foam molding, such as Knauf Industries, are becoming increasingly important in the automotive market due to the growing popularity of EPP and EPS components. With years of experience and proven technology, Knauf Industries is the brand that many automotive manufacturers trust.

Knauf Industries offers comprehensive services related to the foam molding method. Foam molding projects for a specific customer are approached on an individual basis. Experienced specialists at Knauf assess the needs of the customer and determine the technical requirements that the foam process and the parts produced must meet. This way, customers can be assured that orders are prepared in the best possible way. Knauf Industries also has a dedicated management system that provides engineering support to original equipment manufacturers and direct suppliers throughout the product development and life cycle.

Foam molding in automotive and beyond

The foam molding process is one of the many parts of the Knauf Industries product range. In addition to manufacturing automotive parts, the structural foam process makes it possible to produce various types of packaging, which can be an important part of a modern company's logistical processes. The high durability of products made from this material encourages reuse, which can reduce a company's carbon footprint, among other things.

Polystyrene foam – EPS molding

In addition to EPP foam, Knauf also offers EPS foam molding. This type of material is widely used in the industry. In the automotive industry, it is used to create technical interior components and packaging, among other things. Expanded foam molding, which produces EPS, is a process used by many companies.

Explore the foam products offered by Knauf Industries

Knauf Industries offers numerous products made using structural foam molding technology. Using advanced foam molding machines combined with the extensive experience and knowledge of the specialists, Knauf factories can consistently deliver high-quality EPP foam and EPS polystyrene components. These are materials that are widely used in the automotive sector. Internal EPP and EPS automotive components are just one example – Knauf manufactures dashboard parts, door panels, flooring components, trunk elements and cockpit parts, and much more.

Another category is high-quality EPP car seats – this is the best material for making these types of components. EPP seats are very durable and comfortable, and they are also much lighter than parts made of other plastics, which allows you to reduce your vehicle's operating costs.

Among the techniques offered are:

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Knauf Industries experts have the know-how to mold foam materials like EPS, EPP the right way and produce the highest quality automotive components. Contact us and take advantage of the latest technological processes in automotive manufacturing.

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