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Sun visors for cars

Our sun visors are the exemplification of fusion of functional excellence and aesthetic appeal

Expertise in Car & Truck Sun Visor Manufacturing: Precision and Aesthetics Combined

At Knauf Industries, we take pride in our specialized expertise in manufacturing sun visors for the automotive industry, a testament to our commitment to precision and quality. Our sun visors, crafted from high-quality expanded polypropylene (EPP), exemplify the fusion of functional excellence and aesthetic appeal.

  • Car sun visors with mirror

    Precision in Every Detail

    Our sun visors stand out for their thin-walled, flat design, demanding a high degree of precision in manufacturing. We understand that even the slightest deviation in tolerances can impact the final product's fit and functionality. Our facilities in Germany and Morocco are equipped with advanced technology and skilled experts, ensuring that each sun visor meets the strictest precision standards of our OEM clients. This meticulous attention to detail makes us a leading sun visor producer in the industry.

  • Sun visors cores - EPP components for car & truck sun visors

    Aesthetic Appeal and Versatility

    Recognizing the importance of visual appeal in interior automotive components, our EPP sun visors feature an option of surface structures. This enhances not only the tactile experience but also contributes to the overall aesthetic of the vehicle's interior. Our sun visors come in two distinct versions: with and without mirrors, offering versatility to meet diverse design and functional needs.

  • Manufacturing of EPP sun visors for cars

    Innovative Double Action Foam Molding Technique

    Our unique production technique, the double action foam molding, sets us apart as a sun visor manufacturer. This innovative method allows us to create sun visors from EPP with unparalleled precision and quality, cementing our reputation as a pioneer in the field. The technology employed for the time being in our German and Moroccan facilities ensures that each sun visor reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Reliable Manufacturer and Supplier of Sun Visors for Cars

As a leader in sun visor manufacturing, Knauf Industries continues to push the boundaries, blending advanced technology with meticulous craftsmanship to deliver sun visors that meet the highest standards of precision, quality, and aesthetic appeal.

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