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Custom plastic containers – technology, properties and applications for the automotive industry 

12 October 2021

Custom plastic containers are proving to be indispensable for today's businesses that produce items of unusual, non-standard dimensions. This includes the automotive industry, where custom plastic boxes are often a must. With the modern solutions used in the production of this type of packaging, you do not have to worry about the quality of such products any more. 

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Where are custom plastic containers used?

Until recently, in order to use a bulk container, you had to choose from the off-the-shelf, readily  available sizes. The range was limited, which often led to dilemmas regarding whether it was better to opt for a smaller or larger, ill-fitting container. However, technological development is advancing and today, custom sized plastic containers are being manufactured without any problems. Almost every plastic container manufacturer knows how often their customers need special sizes for their containers, which is why this type of solution is growing in popularity.

Personalized plastic containers that are tailored to the needs of a specific business or product are used in many industries. In recent years, they have proved very useful in the entire e-commerce industry, where packaging needs to be part of an entire well-thought-out marketing and shipping strategy. However, custom sized plastic containers are proving useful in other sectors as well. The automotive industry is a good example here, as specially tailored plastic containers are necessary at the stage of storage and transport of various types of automotive components. The supplier needs to discuss the company's needs regarding custom plastic containers individually with each customer, however

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The role of a container supplier consists not only in selling a particular container created for a particular size, but also to tailor the container to the customer's individual needs and requirements. In some cases, a custom plastic container with a lid will work better than an open container. For another person, a custom size will be best for their needs. The plastic container for such a customer should be chosen individually – the supplier should consult with the plastic container manufacturer. The market also features a selection of trade show containers, designed especially for those who often present their products on fairs and other sector-specific events. This is another variation of the typical shipping container, which, however, should both meet similar requirements and be produced in a non-standard size.

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Design: custom plastic packaging. Which characteristics do you need to take into consideration?

Custom plastic container manufacturers should ensure that they comply with a few basic guidelines. Container suppliers know that these requirements most often address customer concerns and needs, and sometimes the failure to meet such criteria stops them from reaching for a custom plastic container altogether. 


When storing and transporting various types of goods, the most convenient way to arrange containers and bins is to palletise them. Therefore, it is worth remembering that custom plastic containers should allow for being stacked on a pallet. This increases cost efficiency and safety in the storage or transport of goods.

Resistance to external factors

High-quality custom plastic containers must be able to withstand adverse weather and other conditions that could potentially damage the goods. Every container supplier knows how important it is for the containers to be resistant to moisture and temperature fluctuations. If they do not meet these requirements, they are bound to fail in adequately protecting the goods and simply do not do their job. A custom size plastic container should always be made from a high-quality material, such as EPP or EPS, which makes it more durable.

Shock absorption

A container supplier will also certainly know how important it is that custom size containers allow for appropriate cushioning of goods – thus protecting against damage.

Custom plastic container manufactured using Knauf Industries' injection moulding technology

In order for containers of a non-standard shape or size to be used for transporting or storing goods, they must first be properly designed and manufactured. Custom-designed packaging allows you to store your goods in the safest and most optimal way possible. The production of customised plastic containers is based on injection moulding technology, which allows packaging to be produced with optimal wall thickness and other parameters, regardless of shape. Knauf Industries is a company that has mastered injection moulding technology to perfection. 

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Modern injection moulding technology makes it possible to create not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing containers. Knauf Industries ensures that the injection points are located where they will not interfere with the functionality or aesthetics of the product. Using Knauf Industries' proprietary injection moulding technology solutions, the creation and use of custom shaped and sized plastic containers can be optimised. Any shipping container supplier will appreciate this type of modern technology, which allows the product to reach its full potential. 

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Custom plastic containers made in any size using modern solutions are an excellent alternative to standard containers.

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